Horizontal Direction Drilling & Fiber Installation

Southern’s primary work is Horizontal Direction Drilling or HDD. This is accomplished by drilling horizontally underground with a heavy duty drilling rig to install conduit for pulling fiber-optic cable through. Thus enabling the providers to services there customers with much high speeds of internet services along with media and Telecom.

The benefits of doing HDD is that you can drill underground with the least amount of restoration of the area where the drilling takes place. Also we are able to drill under Lakes, Railroad Crossings, and Roadways with the least amount of disruption. The efficiency of drilling is far better than standard Trenching and backfilling as the process is much less time consuming therefore provides the services quicker to the end user.

Southern also does the fiber installation either through the underground conduit or by aerial. Aerial is performed by installing the fiber onto Telephone poles in a more traditional way. This is only done when HDD drilling is impossible to do.

The Business

Southern Engineering & Construction Corp. (SECC) was established in 2002 to service the telecommunications industry. SECC is a full-service contract company performing all aspects of engineering from route development, design, permitting as well as ISP design and “as built” documentation. On the construction side services include directional boring, open excavation, aerial placement, fiber optic installation, splicing and testing. Currently SE&CC has four 5 man crewsoperating out of Sunrise, Florida with a maintainence facility located in Lake Placid Florida. SECC’s full service engineering department works out of the Sunrise location.

Revenue for 2016 was $1.9mm with a run-rate for 2017 through 1st quarter of $2.4 annualized.
SECC has entered into additional work of approximately $500K above their original projections, which will result in annualized revenue of approximately $3mm.

Ingemar Sekund



The Telecommunication industry is experiencing tremendous growth in Fiber-Optic infrastructure. The industry experts have predicted that the CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) over the next 5 years with be approximately 9.8 % per annum from the current market of $3.1 Billion to $5 billion USD by 2022. This is due to the increase in demand across all sectors, including FTTH (fiber to the home) and FTTB (fiber to the business). In the US the market penetration is approximately 25%. Therefor the opportunity is significant for HDD contractors and especially SECC with their turnkey capabilities of engineering and construction services.

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