Investor Relations

Financial Strategy

As the acquisition of Southern Engineering Construction Company (SECC) now are finalized that subsidiary will be the base for financials. The holding company will not take on operations but have all operations in subsidiaries. SECC are since several years profitable on their market but do have a demand for it´s services larger than capacity. Therefore the first target will be to finance an expansion of capacity in SECC in order to reach a significant growth of revenues and profit.

The growth strategy after financing of SECC is to use the liquid share for mergers and acquisitions in all of the US and Europe. Power & Tower will contract professional scouts managed by dedicated board members to identify possible acquisitions. Acquisitions will mainly be made with payments in new issued shares of the holding company to not only create growth in revenues and profits but also growth of the market value.

Education for new entities will be executed by experienced resoures from SECC and financing of new machines will be covered by the holding company. Suitable acquisitions for the first three years are in the spectrum 10-30 % of dilution in the holding company. Acquisitions will primarily be managed as fully owned subsidiaries with direct reporting responsibilites to the holding company.

A second round of public funding will take place together with listing of the shares. The raised capital in this phase will cover even more growth for SECC and also put the holding company in a very strong financial situation to cover expenses with new acquisitions.

Exit plan for shareholders are primarily on the stock exchange.

IR Strategy

Power & Tower realizes that the company are never stronger than it´s shareholders. It´s the intention to always keep an open and transparent communication with the shareholders, market and regulators. Power & Tower will have a dedicated IR-resource for the company to hold up excellent relations with all stakeholders. New techniques will be used such as Video Logs and webinars in order to keep contact with shareholders. As the primary asset for growth will be the liquid share, it´s in the company´s biggest interest to have an engaged group of shareholders.

Top Level Milestones

  • Acquisition of SECC – July 2017

  • Yearly consolidated revenues exceeding 20 MSEK – December 2017

  • Yearly consolidated profit exceeding 2 MSEK – December 2017

Accounting principles

The Consolidated Accounts are prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the interpretative comments issued by the International Financial Reporting Interpretations Committee (IFRIC), as approved by the European Commission for application within the EU. The Swedish Financial Reporting Board Recommendation RFR 1, Complementary accounting regulations for corporate groups, has also been applied.

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  • June 11, 2018 - Pre-IPO open start

  • June 25 2018 - General Meeting Stockholm

  • July 27, 2018 - Pre-IPO end


Amount: up to 10,8 m SEK
Number of shares : up to 2 714 314 shares
Pre money valuation: 40,7 m SEK
Price per share: 4,00 SEK
Minimum subscrition amount: 1 750 shares
Subscription period: June 11 – September 18, 2018
Payment: According to subscription note
Trade: The board of Power & Tower intend to list
its stock on the MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility) at
the Nordic Growth Market NGM AB.

Allotment of Bonus Shares
1.750 shares (SEK 7.500)                 5% gives 38 additional shares
3.500 shares (SEK 14.000)               10% gives 350 additional shares
7.000 shares (SEK 28.000)               15% gives 1.050 additional shares
14.000 shares (SEK 56.420)             20% gives 2.800 additional shares
28.000 shares (SEK 112.000)           25% gives 7.000 additional shares
56.000 shares (SEK 224.000)           30% gives 16.800 additional shares

All over this amount gives 30% additional shares from the majority owner

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Our Board Members

Robert Cox

Robert Cox

Chairman of the board

Responsible for ongoing financing of the subsidiary's business, Cox is co-founder.

Anders Årling

Board member

Responsible for business development and expansion in the European market.

Anders Årling
Jeffrey Williams

Jeffrey Williams

Board member

Operationally responsible and founder of SECC, through the reverse acquisition the main owner of Power & Tower.

Peter Lilliehöök

Board member

Responsible for market listing including reporting and regulatory issues in Power & Tower.

Peter Lilliehöök


Ingemar Sekund (SE)


Operationally responsible for Power & Tower. Sekund has a smaller private ownership in Power & Tower

Ingemar Sekund (SE)

Ingemar Sekund

Operationally responsible for Power & Tower. Sekund has a smaller private ownership in Power & Tower

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